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4.6.10 - Episode 115 : Eight Inches And Hairy!

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Show Notes - This week Spanky joins us to look at TYO x EWOK 5mph Truck, Moss Man, Battle Cat, Bacteria, and much more! Pile the toppings on your favorite frozen yogurt and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • Live Toy Break - we're planning our next live Toy Break evening for Thursday April 8th at around 8 pm PST
  • Kick-Ass Figures - by Mezco - 6" action figures of Kick-Ass and Hit Girl due out in October
  • Plush Squid - by Squid Kids Ink - 4" and 8" plush squids ($10 and $20) will be available in grumpy red, happy grey, and confused black at Wonder Con booth 1349 or on their site on May 1st
  • The Ghetto Reaper & The Carrot Slayer - by Very Bravo & Mauro Gatti - coming soon, the Ghetto Reaper Gold & Cold (250 pcs), The Ghetto Reaper Silver Shiver (250 pcs), The Carrot Slayer Gruesome (250 pcs) and The Carrot Slayer Hippie (250 pcs)
  • Bic Buddies Custom Show - at Crewest
  • TYO x EWOK 5mph Truck - 8" diecast box truck limited to 100 figures, signed and numbered by EWOK - $50
  • Moss Man & Battle Cat - by Mattel & The Four Horsemen - Moss Man offered with flocked or unflocked ears for $20, Battle Cat $30
  • Jim Phillips Screaming Hand - Tech Deck sculpture was designed by Jim Phillips, based on his famous Screaming Hand illustration conceived and graphically rendered in 1985 - around $10
  • Bacteria - by Alimana Toys - 4.5" vinyl, 5 versions, each 250 pieces - $30 -
  • We Heart Wood - Jibibuts custom show at Munky King in Los Angeles, CA from April 8th - May 6th
  • Bricks By The Bay - a celebration of LEGO as an artistic medium and hobby in Northern California in Freemont, CA from April 9th to 11th
  • 5-Eyed Dragon - customs from SouthernDrawl, Betso, Dril1, Leecifer, and Brent Nolasco in Sacramento, CA opening April 10th

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