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2.26.10 - Episode 110 : I Love Momz!

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Show Notes - Chris Ryniak joins us for Medusa, Mini God Speakers, DIY Squib Kid, Kamen Riders, 8" Qees and much more! Order your favorite vegan dish and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • Concrete Immortalz Contest - two grand prize winners will receive both cover variants of the comic book Concrete Immortalz as well as a large t-shirt - another winner will receive both comics and a final winner will receive one comic - to enter, post a graffiti inspired design in the contest section on the forum - deadline is March 3rd

  • Medusa - by Erick Scarecrow of ESC Toys - Black Mamba version - 10" vinyl, limited to 300 pieces
  • Mini God Speaker - by Marka27 - 16" speakers available in several different styles
  • DIY Squib Kid - by Squid Kids Ink - 8" resin - $30
  • Kamen Riders - by Bandai - 4" action figures based on the tv show Kamen Rider : Dragon Knight
  • 8" Qees - by Toy2R - Mr. Black from Resevoir Dogs and a wood Qee - $50 each
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