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1.14.10 - Episode 105 : Hats

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Show Notes - We take a look at Doktor A's Mad*l, Disney Mickey Monsters, Bossy Bear's Pal Turtle, Idolz, and much more! Start boiling the potatoes and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • Kens Tools Contest Winners - Thank you to everyone who participated and don't forget to check out KensTools.com for more great sculpting tools!
  • Pinksk8er Contests - Thank you for participating in the calendar contest and congratulations to the winners! Now for another contest! Win a brand new skate deck featuring artwork by Brian Cummings, curtesy of PinkSk8er.com, by posting your own skateboard design on the forum! Hint: You can find templates and inspiration at boardpusher.com and also check out boardpusher.com/octobertoys. Deadline is February 3rd
  • Sculpey Question - Thanks for calling Brian! Here are a few places to order Sculpey from: artsupply.com, Amazon, Blick Art Materials. George also recommends Magic Sculp which is a two-part epoxy putty that does not need to be baked.

  • Blond Mrs. Claus - by McFarlane - 6" repaint of Mrs. Claus from the 2007 Twisted Christmas line - limited to 4,000 pieces exclusively available from William Davis Collectibles for $30
  • January Masters of the Universe Classics - by The Four Horsemen & Mattel - Princess Adora and Battle Armor He-Man will be available on Matty Collector January 15th for $20 each
  • Venture Bros. Toys - by Big Bang Pow! - coming soon: Action Figures, Bobble Heads, and Vehicles Based on the Adult Swim Series
  • Headbanger Kage "Shadow" - by Erick Scarecrow - second colorway of the resin Headbanger releases on January 15 - limited to 20 pieces for $95 each

  • Doktor A Mad*l - by Doktor A - 5" figure limited to 300 pieces - exclusive to LIFT - $42
  • Mickey Monsters - by Disney - 10" plush - $13 ($6 on DisneyStore.com) - also noticed 10" plush Vinylmations for $8
  • Bossy Bear's Pal Turtle - by David Horvath & Toy2R - 3.5" figure - $15
  • Idolz - by Idolz Toys - Gruntor - stack, wear, or customize them - limited to 3,000 pieces - $10

  • Rock The Future - this art exhibit and annual fundraiser for local Chicago-based music education kicks off Ohno! Doom's grand reopening in Chicago, IL on January 16th

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