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Toy Break Episode Archive

11.23.16 - Episode 400 : Jobin

George and Ayleen celebrate ten years and four hundred episodes of Toy Break by sharing some of their all time favorite toys!
11.18.16 - Episode 399 : May The Froth Be With You!

Brandon from Beeline Creative joins us to show off Pulp Fiction figures, Star Wars steins, and much more!
11.8.16 - Episode 398 : A Hoot!

George and Ayleen discuss BrickCon, recent toy releases, and much more!
11.1.16 - Episode 397 : Steamie

Geoff and Corwin join us for The Astronaut, Mandrake Root, Hotwheels, and much more!
10.27.16 - Episode 396 : Nightmare Fuel

Brian T. Stevenson sits with us for Kosrobot, Suicide Squad, and much more!
10.21.16 - Episode 395 : Flip Me Off

Corey and Geoff join us with Cloverfield, Mighty Minis, and much more!
10.13.16 - Episode 394 : Hand Candy

Brian T. Stevenson is on the couch with Battle Tribes, True Legends, and much more!
10.7.16 - Episode 393 : Flip Me Off

Janis joins us to discuss selling on the secondary market, vending machine toys, and much more!
9.27.16 - Episode 392 : All Jazzed Up!

Sarah Jo and Samuel help us check out some new TYO Toys, a cable car, and much more!
9.20.16 - Episode 391 : Brandon Is Buying Barbies!

Brandon joins us for some more SDCC talk including Star Trek Barbie, Horror Mystery Minis, and much more!
9.12.16 - Episode 390 : SDCC 2016 Wrap Up Part 3

Nate and Linda are still on the couch for part three of our SDCC 2016 wrap up with Shark Tank, MUSCLE, and much more!
9.7.16 - Episode 389 : SDCC 2016 Wrap Up Part 2

Nate and Linda are still on the couch for part two of our SDCC 2016 wrap up with Pins, Tsum Tsums, and much more!
9.2.16 - Episode 388 : SDCC 2016 Wrap Up Part 1

Nate and Linda join us for part one of our SDCC 2016 wrap up including Judge Death, Terminator jewelry, and much more!
8.2.16 - Episode 387 : Eight Thumbs Up

Corwin and Geoff Webb join us with Battle Tribes, Creatureplica, Wachy Wheels, and much more!
7.26.16 - Episode 386 : Not Dreams, Just Nightmares

Nate and Linda bring an Iron Giant, Election 10-Doh, and much more!
7.18.16 - Episode 385 : Pretty Wonder Womany

Geoff and Corey Webb take a look at the Imperial Lotus Dragon, Harley Quinn, Ant-Man, and much more!
7.12.16 - Episode 384 : Juices

Sarah Jo joins us along with DigiPenguin, Abominable Snow Cone, and much more!
7.2.16 - Episode 383 : Robot Dumb Face

Michael is on the couch for Marvel Legends Iron Man, Plastik Surgery, Polydog, and much more!
4.12.16 - Episode 382 : Muscle Lines

Scott and Ben join us with Loot Crates, Aliens, Bison Van, and much more!
3.23.16 - Episode 381 : Japants

Scott joins us for a Japan recap including toys, Wonder Festival, Disneyland, and much more!
12.24.15 - Episode 380 : Merry Chuehmas!

Luke celebrates the holidays with us with Star Wars action figures, Kosrobot, Tsum Tsums, and much more!
12.13.15 - Episode 379 : DCon 2015 Wrap Up

Doktor A joins us for a DCon wrap up with goodies from Designer Con 2015!
11.3.15 - Episode 377 : The Out Of Order One

Corwin & Geoff Webb are on the couch with Loot Crate, Star Wars, Ewoks, and much more!
11.20.15 - Episode 378 : The DKE Episode

Sarah Jo shares the DKE Toys Designer Con 2015 exclusives!
11.3.15 - Episode 376 : The Peep Show

Ben helps us celebrate the Halloween season with Copper Creeps, Star Skull, Jason, and much more!
10.20.15 - Episode 375 : Ben To The Future

Ben is on the couch with Back to the Future figures, an all mail review, and much more!
10.13.15 - Special Delivery 55 : Outtakes!

Time for outtakes!
10.7.15 - Episode 374 : As Every Week, So Below

Join us for Kinora, Loot Crate, Pocket Bogies, and much more!
9.29.15 - Episode 373 : More Other Things

Corwin Webb joins us for Bigfoot, Loopster, and much more!
9.22.15 - Episode 372 : We Lied

Join us for a new Ewok playset, Speeder Bike, Ant-Man, and much more!
9.18.15 - Episode 371 : Kylo Ben

Kylo Ben shares his Force Friday Stormtrooper haul, Sphero BB-8, and much more!
9.8.15 - Episode 370 : No Free Hugs

Scott joins us with our Force Friday Star Wars haul and much more!
9.2.15 - Episode 369 : Memories

Nate and Linda join us with Monster High, Bane, Graphic Skinz, and much more!
8.26.15 - Episode 368 : Keep Working The Balls

Ben joins us for Ant-Man, Walking Dead Crossbow, Catbug, and much more!
8.19.15 - Episode 367 : Extra Screw Holes

We have Figma 231, Star Wars Elite, and much more!
8.11.15 - Episode 366 : Still Batman

Batman is on the couch with Marty McFly, Rocket and Groot, Captain America, and much more!
8.4.15 - Episode 365 : SDCC 2015 Wrap Up Part 3

Scott, Luke, and Ben help finish our 2015 SDCC 2015 wrap up with a look at what Ben brought home!
7.28.15 - Episode 364 : SDCC 2015 Wrap Up Part 2

Scott, Ben, and Luke are still on the couch for a look at what Scott and Luke brought back from SDCC 2015!
7.23.15 - Episode 363 : SDCC 2015 Wrap Up Part 1

Scott, Ben, and Luke join us for a look at our SDCC 2015 haul!
7.16.15 - Episode 362 : Creeper Pit

Luke joins us with Gundam, Ewoks, Lady Titan, and much more!
7.6.15 - Episode 361 : Figther

Ben is here with Felipe, Nick Cave, Haunted House Bucket, Fighter, and more!
6.30.15 - Episode 360 : We Are Not Hutt

Sarah Jo joins us for the annual pre-SDCC DKE extravaganza!
6.24.15 - Episode 359 : The Beet Goes On

Scott celebrates his birthday with Pre-Historic, MUM, Boba Fett, and much more!
6.16.15 - Episode 358 : Totes Hang!

Luke is on the couch with Movie Realization Star Wars figures, Callgrim, Hung, and much more!
6.10.15 - Episode 357 : Daddy Ben

Ben joins us with Gamora, Groot, the Batmobile, and much more!
5.27.15 - Episode 356 : Amazon Break

Ben is in the studio with Microfear, Critter, Baby Boov, and much more!
5.20.15 - Special Delivery 54 : Outtakes!

A few more outtakes!
5.14.15 - Episode 355 : Scolded

We are back with Squirmles, Struggle Skateboard, and much more!
5.5.15 - Episode 354 : Balls In Hand

Ben is back with Star-Lord, Half Shell Heroes, Kabuto Mushi, and much more!
4.29.15 - Episode 353 : Big Kevisode

Big Kev joins us to chat about Star Wars Celebration, Dungeons and Dragons, and much more!
4.21.15 - Special Delivery 53 : Outtakes!

As we recover from Celebration, please enjoy these outtakes!
4.15.15 - Episode 352 : Proper Style

We have Loot Crate, Tyrion Lannister, and much more!
4.8.15 - Episode 351 : Easy Bottoms

Michael joins us to talk Skeleton Warriors, WonderCon, and much more!
4.2.15 - Episode 350 : Scandalous

Neil Winn chats Emerald City Comicon, Monsterpalooza, and much more!
3.24.15 - Episode 349 : Stoked

We have plush Beast Man, MOTULOS, Fizzkids, and much more!
3.17.15 - Episode 348 : Head Crabs

Ben is back for a Banimon Tank, 8-Ball, Tsum Tsums, and much more!
3.10.15 - Episode 347 : Yay I Got Wood!

Ben is on the couch with Wooden Batman, Prime Swords, Pose Skeleton, and much more!
3.4.15 - Episode 346 : The Dark Beaver Episode

Dan joins us for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle extravaganza and much more!
2.24.15 - Episode 345 : Nubbins

Join us for Inner Child, Battle Warriors Monsters vs Military, Avengers Age of Ultron, and much more!
2.17.15 - Special Delivery 52 : Outtakes!

Outtakes time!
2.10.15 - Episode 344 : Puppets

Ben joins us for Hopping Ghosts, Kidrobot Black Blueberry, My Little Pony, and much more!
2.3.15 - Episode 343 : Overusing It

Join us for Willo, Geoffrey and Brighton, Bebop and Rocksteady, and much more!
1.27.15 - Episode 342 : Svace

Scott is on the couch for IAmElemental, Ravens, MIP, and much more!
1.20.15 - Episode 341 : Any Hamill

Nathan joins us with Amiibos, Robocop, Hero Series X-Wing, and much more!
1.13.15 - Episode 340 : Minutes Of Fun For Everyone!

Ben is back for Cherno Alpha, Judge Dredd Cosplay Penguin, bootleg wrestlers, and much more!
1.6.15 - Episode 339 : Gloving It Up!

Luke Chueh is in the studio with Boba Keiko, Cheestroyer, Modarri, and much more!
1.1.15 - Episode 338 : Tight Like A Tiger

Daniel Smith gets comfy for Hot Toys Batman, Microman, Green Green Army, and much more!
12.23.14 - Special Delivery 51 : Outtakes!

Have a happy holiday with these outtakes!
12.17.14 - Episode 337 : Go All The Way

Tony Thaxton joins us for Dissected Gingerbread Man, Lonny and Jeff, and much more!
12.9.14 - Episode 336 : Around The World

We try out a couple of new couches in Bahrain and France along with some toy goodies from around the world!
12.2.14 - Episode 335 : Dunder Chief

Matt Doughty and Marc Beaudette from Onell Design join us for Crashlings, Chewbacca, and much more!
11.25.14 - Episode 334 : Creeping Crud!

Tim Clarke shows off some of his Totims, Pop Ecto-1, Garbage Pail Kids Super Snot Shots, and much more!
11.18.14 - Episode 333 : DCon 2014 Wrap Up!

Doktor A & Ben join us to wrap up DCon 2014 and much more!
11.13.14 - Episode 332 : Sexy Superheroes!

Tanya Tate joins us to discuss her new My Hero Toys line as well as Baby Skeletor, Gizmo, and much more!
11.4.14 - Episode 331 : Get To DCon!

Join LindaPanda, Nate, Sarah Jo, and Luke Chueh for Designer Con release info as well as Colossal Michelangelo, Gummy Keiko, and much more!
10.29.14 - Episode 330 : Back Without Fear

Ben joins us in costume for 8-Ball Radioactive Rumblers, Slenderman, Zombies At War, and much more!
10.22.14 - Episode 329 : Speaking Of A Lot

Ben is in the studio along with Revoltech Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Big Hero 6 Fred, Rivet Wars The Mountaineer, and more!
10.14.14 - Episode 328 : On Point

Good For You Toys joins us with some of their art toys like Darth Kelemer and Darth Bacon as well as Minikins, Star Wars Command, and much more!
10.7.14 - Episode 327 : Just Be Normal

Scott and Linda stop by for Titan Joker, Cat Paw, Blastables, and much more!
9.30.14 - Episode 326 : Towel Bear

Ben joins us with ED-209, Ron Burgundy, Hot Wheels, and much more!
9.23.14 - Episode 325 : Blind Blocks!

Ben is on the couch for Giant He-Man, Choices, TMNT, and much more!
9.16.14 - Episode 324 : No Limits!

Attaboy joins us for Muju Tree Spirits, Mumpkin, some classic toy goodies, and much more!
9.9.14 - Episode 323 : Wonderful World Of Ben!

Ben is back for Grimsheep, MadL, Catbug, and much more!
9.2.14 - Episode 322 : Turtleouge!

Scott stops by for Oreion, Thrashor, Half-Shell Heroes, Bug-A-Salt and much more!
8.26.14 - Episode 321 : Cloud Butt

Join us for new Walking Duds, Finks, Rainy Day Antagonist, and much more!
8.19.14 - Episode 320 : SDCC Wrap Up Part 3

Scott and Ben will not leave the couch, so we have more of the annual Comic Con wrap up!
8.12.14 - Episode 319 : SDCC Wrap Up Part 2

Scott and Ben are still here for more of the annual Comic Con wrap up!
8.5.14 - Episode 318 : SDCC Wrap Up Part 1

Scott and Ben are here for the annual Comic Con wrap up!
7.29.14 - Episode 317 : Pencil-vania!

Attaboy drops by with some incredible toys of yesteryear and much more!
7.20.14 - Episode 316 : Everybody Gets Naked!

Scott and Shawn join us with more SDCC exclusives from Skybound, The Walking Dead, and much more!
7.15.14 - Episode 315 : The Woman Is In Charge

Sarah Jo is back for the annual DKE Toys SDCC extravaganza!
7.8.14 - Episode 314 : Poke Me!

Yukari and Nathan join us with SDCC exclusives, Luke brings a robot, and much more!
7.1.14 - Episode 313 : Robits!

Nate from Squid Kids Ink joins us with new exclusives, Lurkers, custom resin figures, and much more!
6.24.14 - Episode 312 : Brain Smells

We're wearing purple and talking about Planet of the Apes, Grizzle, Mini Masters, and much more!
6.17.14 - Episode 311 : Down Down

Ben joins us at the new 3DRetro retail store with Suited Birdies, Last Knight, My Brother Was A Hero, and much more!
6.10.14 - Episode 310 : Tight Output

Guy Himber joins us with Munchkin Bricks, Sesame Street Puppets, Sands Alive, and much more!
6.3.14 - Episode 309 : Skeleton Warriors!

We discuss our new Skeleton Warriors project, CMON Expo, Power Lords, and much more!
5.27.14 - Special Delivery 50 : Outtakes!

So many outtakes, so little time!
5.20.14 - Episode 308 : Marty McBen

Ben is here with the Hot Toys 1966 Batman, Bravest Warriors figures, the Berlin Wall, and much more!
5.13.14 - Episode 307 : Put Down The Sandwich

Dave Bondi joins us for Game of Thrones Legacy Action Figures, Toy Titans Toytem, Toy Boarders, and much more!
5.6.14 - Episode 306 : Huminal

Fancy Ben is on the couch with Walking Dud, Gipsy Danger, Despicable Me Finger Puppets, and much more!
4.29.14 - Episode 305 : Talk To Taka

Takahiro Mizuno joins us for Monsterpalooza, Hot Wheels, Monster 500, and much more!
4.22.14 - Episode 304 : Ben And His Magical Screwdriver

Ben is back for our WonderCon recap, ToyCon UK, and much more!
4.15.14 - Episode 303 : Who Is Tim Clarke?

Tim Clarke joins us for Totims, True Legends, and much more!
4.8.14 - Episode 302 : Nut Wizard

Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak are here for Munko, Imaginext, Pacific Rim, and much more!
4.1.14 - Episode 301 : April Fools!

Nate joins us for Walking Dead action figures, Kabuto Mushi, Dead Kozik, and much more!
3.25.14 - Episode 300 : Time To Eat!

The whole gang is one the couch with Spider Gremlin, B-KAWZ, Sir Edmund Monroe, and much more!
3.18.14 - Episode 299 : The Meaning Of Art

Daniel Rolnik shares pieces from his latest art show, Kookie No Good, Winter Yeti, and much more!
3.11.14 - Episode 298 : Asian Magic

Luke Chueh and JRYU join us for SUCKLE, S.H. MonsterArts Mechagodzilla, SD Optimus Prime, Getter Dragon, and much more!
3.4.14 - Special Delivery 49 : Toypocalypse & The Four Horsemen

Cornboy and Eric from The Four Horsemen chat about their recent Toypocalypse 4 show as well as current and upcoming projects!
2.25.14 - Special Delivery 48 : Outtakes!

It's outtakes time!
2.18.143 - Episode 297 : Games!

This week we look at some independent games with toys like Rivet Wars, Zombicide, and much more!
2.11.14 - Episode 296 : Bogus

Carlos East and Ben squeeze on the couch for Catwoman, Daft Punk, Playmobil, and much more!
1.21.143 - Episode 295 : Average People

Corwin Webb is on the couch for Tau Pok King, Kaleidoscope House Dolls, Prometheus David, and much more!
1.28.14 - Episode 294 : Dinofest

Carlos East joins us for T-Con, Monster Factory, Pacific Rim, and much more!
1.21.143 - Episode 293 : Chunk Hand

This week we have Robocop, Bane, My Little Ponies Guide, and much more!
1.14.14 - Episode 292 : He-Man Heavy

Ben is here for Tin-Tastic, He-Man Paperweight, DC Super Heroes LEGO, and much more!
1.7.143 - Episode 291 : See You Next Wednesday!

We are ringing in the New Year with Vampire Batman, French Lowrider, Zombie Gooo, and much more!
12.31.13 - Special Delivery 47 : Outtakes!

We thought the best way to end 2013 was with a few laughs!
12.24.13 - Episode 290 : Big Ups!

Ben is back with some big toys like Bossk, Batman, Dead Kozik, Dead Equine Super Set, and much more!
12.12.13 - Episode 289 : Purple In Our Book

Ben joins us for GIANTmicrobes, Predator, Power Trains, and much more!
12.11.13 - Episode 288 : Regular Birds

We look at our San Jose Super Toy Show finds and much more!
12.3.13 - Episode 287 : Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Scott and Ben help with gift suggestions for the holiday season!
11.26.13 - Episode 286 : Space Shark

Join us for Minikins, Stranger, Dogonauts, and much more!
11.19.13 - Episode 285 : Sweaty Bus People

We go through our Designer Con haul with Clay from Australia and much more!
11.12.13 - Episode 284 : Rub The Monkey Butt!

Jerome joins us with Hyperactive Monkey goodies, Monster Jam Mighty Minis, Cupcake Keepsakes, and much more!
11.5.13 - Episode 283 : Chueh It Up!

Luke Chueh joins us with Self Medicated Target, Star Wars Black, Inferior Troopers, and much more!
10.29.13 - Episode 282 : Eat My Shorts

Ben helps celebrate the Halloween season with Monster 500, Ewoking Dead, Wall Monsters, and much more!
10.24.13 - Episode 281 : Punkin Butt!

Ben is back for a Baby Tattooville recap, Mystical Warriors of the Ring, and much more!
8.13.13 - Special Delivery 46 : Outtakes!

Please enjoy these outtakes as we sort through OMFG!
10.8.13 - Episode 280 : Licensed

Ben is on the couch for Pacific Rim action figures, Batman toys, and much more!
10.1.13 - Episode 279 : The Matt Jones Episodes

Ben is here for Walking Duds, Art Pass, My Little Pony, and much more!
9.24.13 - Episode 278 : Pizzazz!

Ben joins us for our Power-Con wrap-up with Warlords of Wor Weelord Minis, Eternal Barbarian, Realm of the Underworld, and much more!
9.18.13 - Episode 277 : Fierce Wind

We visit The Four Horsemen during Power-Con to check out Power Lords, Kirk Von Hammett, Severed Foot, and much more!
9.10.13 - Episode 276 : Pacman Man

Ben is in the studio for Zoidberg, Hi-Fructose, Pacman Ghost Lamp, and much more!
9.3.13 - Episode 275 : General Ackbar

Ben joins us for Smurfs, Hulk, WWRp Medic Grunt, and much more!
8.27.13 - Episode 274 : Hardly A Guest

Dan Goodsell aka Mister Toast is on the couch for Pumpkin Crab, Awesome Bear, goodies from Gus Fink, and much more!
8.20.13 - Episode 272 : Toys Are For Wankers

Jon-Paul Kaiser joins us for Mini MOTU Classics, Horndribbles, Plants versus Zombies, and much more!
8.13.13 - Special Delivery 45 : SDCC 2013!

Join us for some San Diego Comic Con 2013 interviews and coverage!
8.6.13 - Episode 272 : Alone With Neil

Scott and Ben are still on the couch for more Comic Con crap up!
7.30.13 - Episode 271 : Countdown To Catbug!

Scott and Ben plant themselves on the couch for our annual Comic Con crap up!
7.23.13 - Episode 270 : 42 Inches Of Fun!

We finally build the TMNT Sewer Playset and look at Apparitions, Ponies, and much more!
7.14.13 - Episode 269 : I Love Crappy!

Sarah Jo joins us for the annual DKE pre-SDCC extravaganza with sneak peeks of new Infected, Bad Ass, Big Boner, and much more!
7.9.13 - Episode 268 : Brick Nerd

Brick Nerd Tommy Williamson joins us for Bones, Droid Factory, Mystical Warriors of the Ring, and much more!
7.2.13 - Episode 267 : Banana!

Ben is back with 3DRetro SDCC exclusives, Reticulated Box by Carson Catlin, Vinyl Figure by Shinlamed, and much more!
6.25.13 - Episode 266 : Take Two!

Nate and Linda (aka Squid Kids Ink) show off their SDCC exclusives and we look at Mordles, Baseball Boy, and much more!
6.19.13 - Episode 265 : New Directions

J-Ryu joins us to talk about the toy biz, Stinky Ginger, Calliope Jackalope, Stingy Jack, and much more!
6.11.13 - Episode 264 : Toy Rich

Scott settles in on the couch for Kreo, Snakeweed, Oi Cthulhu, and much more!
6.4.13 - Episode 263 : Flava In Your Ear!

Join us as kaNO crashes the couch with his Bodegas, Brobo, 8-Ball, and much more!
5.28.13 - Special Delivery 44 : Outtakes!

Enjoy some outtakes!
5.21.13 - Episode 262 : I Love All Bananas

Edgar from 3 Coconut Monkey joins us for Yo!, Dweores, Grim Brim, and much more!
5.14.13 - Episode 261 : Crap Still Happens

Leecifer is on the couch for Phizog, Fig-Lab Finger Five, Mini Spider Bot, and much more!
5.7.13 - Episode 260 : Sexy Time!

Brian and Jeremy from Spy Monkey Creations join us for new Weaponeers of Monkaa, War Tourist, and much more!
4.30.13 - Episode 259 : Antics They Are

Sucklord crashes the couch with the Super SUCKset, ToyConUK Recap, LEGO Star Wars Planets, Castle Grayskull Business Card Holder, and much more!
4.23.13 - Episode 258 : This Belongs In A Museum!

Ahren helps us recap Monsterpalooza and look at DigesTED, Michonne, and much more!
4.16.13 - Episode 257 : For Reals

Sarah Jo joins us for Gravescabs, Sea-Borgs, Wumplings, and much more!
4.9.13 - Episode 256 : Tragic Bowl Cut

Scott and Luke bring Bartholomew Punchyface, Miss Mao, and much more!
4.3.13 - Episode 255 : Lemme Smell!

Ben is back for Outer Space Men, Prometheus action figures, a deluxe Despicable Me Minion, and much more!
3.26.13 - Episode 254 : The N Word

Nate Mitchell and Linda Panda from Squid Kids Ink join us for 10-Dohs, TMNT Pizza Box Playset, ToyCon UK goodies, and much more!
3.19.13 - Episode 253 : Play With Your Toys!

Ben joins us for Mechawhale, Meltdown Dunny, Star Wars Muppets, and much more!
3.12.13 - Episode 252 : Benzilla!

Ben shares his Japanese toy finds with us!
3.5.13 - Special Delivery 43 : Outtakes!

What time is it? Outtakes time!
2.26.13 - Episode 251 : Suitable For Having

Sarah Jo shows off some DKE goodies including Bunnywith figures, Jaguar Knight, Temper Tot, and much more!
2.19.13 - Episode 250 : Warped And Wobbly

Ben joins us for Mechawhale, Meltdown Dunny, Star Wars Muppets, and much more!
2.12.13 - Episode 249 : Does Steve Have A Macbook?

Ben is back for a look at Jaina Solo, Custom Robots, Doktor A goodies, and much more!
2.5.13 - Episode 248 : Use The Force Luke!

Luke Chueh joins us for Secret Agent Moon, Nano Speed, Star Wars Angry Birds, and much more!
1.29.13 - Episode 247 : Garden Of Beets

Scott is on the couch for Banigoth Horde, OMFG Series 2, Superhero iPhone covers, and much more!
1.23.13 - Episode 246 : RSome!

Join us for Agent K Dunny, Mars Attacks, TMNT Speaker, and much more!
1.15.13 - Special Delivery 42 : Outtakes!

Time for some outtakes!
1.9.13 - Episode 245 : Wreck It George!

This week we have Happy Vinyl, Sikk Circus, Venellope, and much more!
1.1.13 - Episode 244 : Based On The App

Ben helps us ring in the new year with Evil Boy, Granamyr, Frankenstein, and much more!
12.24.12 - Special Delivery 41 : Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Toy Break!
12.18.12 - Episode 243 : Ruggedized

Ben and Scott squish on the couch for Boombotix, TYOTOYS, Hover Board, and much more!
12.9.12 - Special Delivery 40 : Designer Con 2012 Recap

A quick look back at Designer Con 2012 and some of the goodies that followed us home!
12.4.12 - Episode 242 : Scrumptious

Artist Patrick Ballesteros joins us to look at Zombambi, Tube Monsters, and much more!
11.27.12 - Episode 241 : Holiday Gift Guide 2012

he holidays are right around the corner which means it is time for our annual holiday gift guide!
11.20.12 - Episode 240 : Toy Break The World

Holly and Jonjo joins us for Zombre, My Little Pony, Harry Potter LEGO, and much more!
11.13.12 - Episode 239 : Occupy Toy Break

Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, and Doktor A take over the couch for puppets, Ewoks, and much more!
11.7.12 - Special Delivery 39 : Outtakes

Time for outtakes!
10.30.12 - Episode 238 : Everyone Needs A Push

Sarah Jo and The Super Sucklord join us for a pre-Designer Con/Suck-Con extravaganza!
10.10.12 - Episode 237 : Benthulu

Ben is back for our Halloween and NYCC extravaganza with Monster Toytem, Johnny the Skull, and much more!
10.17.12 - Episode 236 : Smells Like Thor

Nathan joins us for Ewok Scouts, Muppets, and much more!
10.10.12 - Episode 235 : Salty Goodness

Scott is on the couch for Nitro-Mites, Grab Zags, Flesh Bowl Figure Creator, and much more!
10.2.12 - Episode 234 : Dinosaurs!

Pixel Dan joins us for Weaponeers of Monkaa, Slimer, Mekaneck, and much more!
9.25.12 - Episode 233 : Jay233

Sarah Jo is back with Sundae Girls, The Shadow, Temple of Kung Fu, and much more!
9.18.12 - Episode 232 : Catbear

We take a look at a K-9 Bobble Head, Minifig Displays, and much more!
9.11.12 - Episode 231 : Bonsai!

Join us for Bonsai Dragon, Draego-Man, and much more!
9.4.12 - Episode 230 : Gimme My Cookie!

Ben is back with the Dweezil Dragon, Doktor A Dunny, TMNT, and much more!
8.28.12 - Episode 229 : Squidgy

Verona from Shelflife joins us for Horace, Leonardo the Octopus, and much more!
8.21.12 - Episode 228 : Small Balls

Still Ben helps us look at Dudebox, Zinkies, CAPSL, and much more!
8.14.12 - Episode 227 : SDCC Wrap Up Part 3

Scott and Ben help us power through part 3 (our final installment) of our San Diego Comic Con wrap up!
8.7.12 - Episode 226 : SDCC Wrap Up Part 2

Scott and Ben are still on the couch for part 2 of our San Diego Comic Con wrap up!
8.1.12 - Episode 225 : SDCC Wrap Up Part 1

Scott and Ben brave the couch for part 1 of our San Diego Comic Con wrap up!
7.24.12 - Episode 224 : Touma Break

Touma joins us on the couch for an interview, blindbox opening, and much more!
7.18.12 - Special Delivery 38 : SDCC 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012 - here we go again!
7.8.12 - Episode 223 : Keep It In The Egg

Ben is back with a plethora of 3DRetro SDCC goodies for our final Countdown to Comic Con and much more!
7.3.12 - Episode 222 : Too Many Twos!

Sarah Jo joins us for a DKE extravaganza!
6.27.12 - Episode 221 : Graffiti Elephant

Luke Chueh helps continue the Countdown to Comic Con with Target, Chester Runcorn, Power Mazinger Z, and much more!
6.19.12 - Episode 220 : Blanktastic

Scott Tolleson is in the house for YO, Boner, Zukie, and much more!
6.12.12 - Episode 219 : Some Assembly Required

Nate Mitchell joins us to show off new goodies from Squid Kids Ink as well as Fonzo, Stellino Unicorno, and much more!
6.5.12 - Episode 218 : Shame Shelf

Ben is back for Spy vs Spy, Art Passes, Choice Cuts Labbit, and much more!
5.29.12 - Episode 217 : Get To The Choppah!

Brandon Griffith joins us for a (mostly) Lego episode with Marvel vs DC, Doctor Who, and much more!
5.21.12 - Episode 216 : Extremely Geeky

Scott joins us for Star Wars Muppets, Stickers, and much more!
5.15.12 - Episode 215 : Getting Adorable

Ben is back for The Joker, Dum English, and much more!
5.8.12 - Episode 214 : Pack Of Packs

Buff Monster joins us for Battle Beasts, Garbage Pail Kids, and much more!
5.2.12 - Episode 213 : Sharing Is Caring

Caro and Luke kick it on the couch for some My Little Pony talk, Thundercats, Mass Effect, and much more!
4.24.12 - Special Delivery 37 : Outtakes!

Time for outtakes!
4.17.12 - Episode 212 : Trombone Service

Ahren from Improbable Cast joins us for some Doctor Who goodies, Truffle, and much more!
4.10.12 - Episode 211 : Fireman Ben

Ben returns for Ice Scream Man, Spy Monkey Creations, WWRp dePlume, and much more!
4.3.12 - Episode 210 : Even Doper

The Super Sucklord joins us for GI Joe, Playmobil, SLUG Zombies, and much more!
3.28.12 - Episode 209 : Mankerchief

Scott and George give us a Wonder Con recap and much more!
3.21.12 - Episode 208 : What Should Ben Be?

Derek and Ben cram on the couch for Blamo figures, POP Uglydolls, Doctor Who goodies, and much more!
3.13.12 - Episode 207 : Gale Sucks

Scott is on the couch for Star Wars Fighter Pods, Godzilla, Plush Tentacle, and much more!
3.6.12 - Episode 206 : Shark Week

Sarah Jo joins us for Chumbuddy, Uprisings, 1000 Teddies, and much more!
2.29.12 - Episode 205 : Stink Finger

Still Ben is back for Visible Anatomy Qee, Batman Black and White, and much more!
2.21.12 - Episode 204 : Tweener

Scott and Luke jump on the couch for Spy Monkey Creations Armory Sets, Fat Tony, and much more!
2.14.12 - Episode 203 : Rootbeer Floats!

Ben joins us for Partners, Big Kid, Matt Groening, and much more!
2.7.12 - Episode 202 : Batmanses!

Join us for Anomalies, New Glyos, Squinkies, and much more!
2.1.12 - Episode 201 : Kaiju Little Battle!

Ben is back for Doctor Who goodies, Callgrim, and much more!
1.23.12 - Special Delivery 36 : Outtakes!

And now, here's your outtakes!
1.17.12 - Episode 200 : Thumbs Up Us!

Scott, Sarah Jo, and Ben cram on the couch for OMFG!, Lucky Uckys, Bearalzebub, and much more!
1.11.12 - Episode 199 : Free Fives

Sket-One and kaNO crash the couch for Fluffels, Simpsons Pop, and much more!
1.3.12 - Episode 198 : All Your Cheese Are Belong To Us!

Sarah Jo joins us for Cody, Kosplay, Tynies, Gay Empire, and much more!
12.27.11 - Episode 197 : Spacemas!

Scott is back on the couch for Toy Boarders, Thor, Holiday Yoda, and much more!
12.19.11 - Episode 196 : Get On It!

Join us for Walking Dead figures, Raideen, Hot Wheels, and much more!
12.12.11 - Episode 195 : Right Up A Dolphins Nostril

Voltaire crashes the couch for Gorilla Biscuits, Bellicose Bunny, and much more!
12.7.11 - Episode 194 : Revelation

Matt Hisey joins us for Battle Babies, Friends Forever, and much more!
11.29.11 - Episode 193 : Let Them Eat Toys!

Sarah Jo is on the couch for Go Gopher, Zombie Chibithulhu, Swiftwind, and much more!
11.23.11 - Episode 192 : 2011 Gift Guide!

Join us for our 2011 holiday gift suggestions and much more!
11.15.11 - Special Delivery 35 : Outtakes!

It's that time again...outtakes time!
11.9.11 - Episode 191 : Doktor A Is In The House!

Doktor A joins us to reminisce about Designer Con 2011 and much more!
11.2.11 - Episode 190 : Sideburn Capabilities

Join us for Color Blanks, TYO Dream Truck, a peek at FOE Gallery, and much more!
10.27.11 - Episode 189 : Box Of Awesome

This week we have Zombie Dice, Lilitu, WW Bramble, and much more!
10.18.11 - Episode 188 : Blank Enough

Ben is back to talk about Vinyl Decorating Toys, Half Cat and Other Half, Jinny Bigtop, and much more!
10.10.11 - Episode 187 : Butt Dimples

Join us for Marvel Frenzies, Mycena, and much more!
10.4.11 - Episode 186 : Burrito Of Rad

Ro is on the couch for Oop Loser Edition, Raymond Mini Qee, Yenny, and much more!
9.26.11 - Episode 185 : Forget The Car, Buy The Beer

Eric and Jim from The Four Horsemen join us for O No Sashimi, White Limo, Maxx Off, and much more!
9.20.11 - Episode 184 : Crappy Is Where It's At!

Sarah Jo is back for Tynies, Bossy Bear, Sticky Monster Lab, and much more!
9.13.11 - Episode 183 : Steve Toy

Tommy Williamson from PCHLUG joins us for Nanobots, B-Bot, Gold Life Series guest review, and much more!
9.6.11 - Episode 182 : Subtly Stripey

Luke Chueh joins us on the couch for Lunartik In A Cup of Tea, FabriQee, and much more!
8.31.11 - Episode 181 : Teabag Thor!

This week we have JellyMussel, Mugo, and much more!
8.24.11 - Episode 180 : 80s Flash Back

Jen and Michael from Gateway Plush join us with Highdy, Swamp Thing, Aleppin Sane, and much more!
8.18.11 - Episode 179 : Back To The Con!

Time for the third and final installment of our SDCC 2011 recap!
8.9.11 - Episode 178 : Benhaul

Join us for the second part of our annual SDCC recap where we look at Ben's haul!
8.2.11 - Episode 177 : SDCC 2011 Recrap

Join us for part one of our annual SDCC recap! and much more!
7.26.11 - Special Delivery 34 : Outtakes!

Please enjoy these outtakes while we recover from SDCC!
7.7.11 - Episode 176 : Hot Chicken

Scott joins us to look at Scarabus, Tupac Cat, address some voicemails, and much more!
7.14.11 - Episode 175 : Dollars and Quarters

We catch up with Brandi Milne, Ragnar, Nathan Hamill, Jim Mahfood, and Scott Tolleson to see what they have in store for SDCC!
7.7.11 - Episode 174 : Dov Is Magic

Sarah Jo Marks from DKE Toys joins us for more Countdown to Comic Con fun with Salvatore and George, Power Mister, Hell, and much more!
6.28.11 - Episode 173 : Monkey Tail

Neil Winn joins us for the continuing Countdown to Comic Con as well as Worrible, Skallox, and much more!
6.22.11 - Episode 172 : Andor Guest

Squid Kids Ink Nate and Linda join us for Omi Series 1, Lilo Cosplay Stitch, and much more!
6.15.11 - Episode 171 : Botcon Baby!

Slick McFavorite from Open Your Toys joins us to chat about Botcon and much more!
6.7.11 - Episode 170 : Countdown To Comic Con!

Squid Kids Ink Nate and Linda join us for Omi Series 1, Lilo Cosplay Stitch, and much more!
5.31.11 - Episode 169 : Fast Food Crawl II

We visit a bunch of fast food joints to check out the newest toys so you don't have to!
5.24.11 - Episode 168 : Moustache Humor

Join us for Kidrobot 19, Groucho, and much more!
5.17.11 - Episode 167 : Us Are Awesome

We visit Scott Zillner and his couch to check out his new Tron Stitch and much more!
5.11.11 - Episode 166 : Simple Faces

Join us for Boba Fett, Sorriso the Brawler, Series One, and much more!
5.4.11 - Episode 165 : Click Twice

Chris from Retro Outlaw joins us for Beeman vs Toyer Kaiju, Shadowgirls, and much more!
4.28.11 - Episode 164 : Blame The Horsemen

This week we have The Star Wars Craft Book, Puppy Cow, Mr. Brain Freeze, and much more!
4.19.11 - Episode 163 : Google It!

Join us for an Uglypillow, Beetlejuice Mezitz, The Purring Gryphon, Sanchez & Friends, and much more!
4.13.11 - Episode 162 : Jimmy Snuka Has A Posse

This week we look at Renee French's Slug Girl, new FluffyFriends, a Dalek, and much more!
4.6.11 - Episode 161 : Get Off My Lawn!

Leecifer joins us for The Tick, Biting Pear, LEGO Minifigs Series 4, and much more!
3.29.11 - Special Delivery 33 : Outtakes

Outtakes time!
3.21.11 - Episode 160 : Technically Awesome

Amanda Louise Spayd is on the couch for Tofu the Vegan Zombie, Greasebat, GreeNees, and much more!
3.16.11 - Episode 159 : Between Two Nerds

Joe Ledbetter joins us for Android Minis, Robot VC3, Tube Dunny, and much more!
3.9.11 - Episode 158 : Turd Wars

Sucklord is back on the couch for Zombie Chuck, Frankie the Timebandit, Turm Kunst, and much more!
3.2.11 - Episode 157 : Too Soon

We have a guest review of Quasimoto, an interview with Justice Joseph, and much more!
2.24.11 - Episode 156 : For The Bawb

Join us for Wamen, Callgrim x Glyos, Universal Popbot, and much more!
2.18.11 - Episode 155 : Impressively Large

This week we have Hermees, Humphrey Mooncalf, Pygmy Penguins, Baby Yeti, and much more!
2.8.11 - Episode 154 : Ben Again

Join us for Outer Space Men, Bionic Bjoern, 5" Mini Qee, and much more!
2.1.11 - Special Delivery 32 : Outtakes

The last of the standard def outtakes. Enjoy!
1.24.11 - Episode 153 : Yay Canada!

Brian Castleforte and Super Cooper join us for some papertoy talk as well as Star Wars Vinylmation, Waffle, and much more!
1.6.11 - Episode 152 : Benny Boo!

This week we have Glowing Mushroom Wolf, Dawn of the Ted, Androidz, and much more!
1.11.11 - Episode 151 : So Snuggly!

Join us for the new PKE Meter, Deluxe Sam Flynn, Outer Space Men Beta Phase, and more!
1.6.11 - Episode 150 : Happy New Year!

This week we have the Midnight Crooner by Nathan Ota, Mini Teas by Lunartik, Star Tours Boarding Party, and more!
12.29.10 - Episode 149 : To The Internet!

Join us for Aquaman vs Mer-Man, a giant LEGO minifig head, PatchTogether plush, and more!
12.20.10 - Episode 148 : HD!

This week we have the new Beat Bee, Mr. Corn, Jacked Rabbit, Baby Sharky, and more!
12.14.10 - Special Delivery 31 : Outtakes

Please enjoy these outtakes!
12.8.10 - Episode 147 : Let's Get This A Little Sexier

The Super Sucklord crashes the couch for the GNOME by Doktor A, Little Shadow by Ashley Wood, The Rebel Angel, and more!
12.2.10 - Episode 146 : There's A Doktor In The House!

Doktor A joins us on the couch to reminisce about Designer Con and look at the Seahorse Rider, Seeker, and more!
11.25.10 - Episode 145 : 2010 Gift Guide

Scott Tolleson joins us for our 2010 holiday gift guide!
11.19.10 - Episode 144 : A Gross Toy Break

We spend the twentieth hour of our live show checking out Jouwe, Tube Ferret, Kick Ass Action Figures, and much more!
11.9.10 - Episode 143 : Let's Go Sew Right Now!

This week we have Scott Tolleson on the couch for Wet Suit Maria, Spidermonkey, Nanodots, and much more!
10.31.10 - Episode 142 : I Love Twist Ties!

Ben and Nathan join us for Living Dead Dolls, Zombie Stormtrooper, Thinking Putty, Clear Chuck Liddell, Luke Chueh's Blood & Fuzz, and much more!
10.22.10 - Episode 141 : Dr. Shocker's House of Horror!

We go on location with Daniel Roebuck at Dr. Shocker's House of Horror to check out some vintage toys and much more!
10.12.10 - Episode 140 : Studs On Studs

Join us at LEGO artist Brandon Griffith's for the unveiling of a Back to the Future piece Ben commissioned plus much more!
10.5.10 - Episode 139 : Ben Me Over

We have a big show this week with Scruffies, Lard Lad, Twilight Zone Figures, Toxic Candies, and much more!
9.28.10 - Episode 138 : I Would High Five A Baby!

EatMoreToys joins us on the couch for U.R.I.-NAL 9000, Tequila Ocran Ocinatas, Glyos accessories, and much more!
9.23.10 - Episode 137 : Basically

We take a trip to Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory to chat with Tracy Tubera, the creative director of Wild Grinders!
9.15.10 - Episode 136 : Where's Catman?

Ro Kohli joins us for Otis & Otto, Ragnar's Pepper, Batman Barbies, Leatherface, and more!
9.10.10 - Episode 135 : Brand New Spankin!

Tune in for Luke Chueh's Black In White, Ridley Hooper, Poison Berry Konstricta, The Red Carpet Kaiju Show, and more!
9.2.10 - Episode 134 : Don't Stab Me, Bro!

We have Steve Talkowski on the couch talking about his Sketchbot, the toy making process, and much more!
8.25.10 - Episode 133 : Drawable

Yo-yo enthusiast Chris Hawley joins us in taking a look at an artist edition yo-yo, Whiplash, a new AT-AT, Miss Mary Jane, and more!
8.18.10 - Episode 132 : It's So Glittery!

Holly, creator of Cavey, and Scott Tolleson join us for some more post comic con fun!
8.12.10 - Episode 131 : SDCC 2000 Ben

San Diego Comic Con coverage continues with Ben's finds!
8.2.10 - Episode 130 : Tank Head Rocks, Dude

We continue the San Diego Comic Con madness!
7.30.10 - Episode 129 : Mosquito!

We survived San Diego Comic Con 2010 and have returned to tell the tale!
7.19.10 - Episode 128 : Take It All!

Join us for Dr. Brain, Winston Stitch, Terror and Magnus, and much more!
7.14.10 - Episode 127 : You Didn't Win

We continue talking about SDCC, visit the Ganmetall Celsius Show, look at Kingfish from Killertoy, Seismic Ace by Smash Tokyo Toys, and much more!
7.9.10 - Episode 126 : Attack of the SDCC 2010 Exclusives

Join us for a preview of some SDCC exclusives including Spin Master's Tron, Camilla d'Errico's Kuro, Gary Ham's Cirque du Siamese, and much more!
7.2.10 - Episode 125 : A Buck and A Quarter

We have Gary McIntire on the couch for Cavey, LEGO Minifigs, a guest review for Antoinette, and much more!
6.23.10 - Episode 124 : Steve's In The Studio!

Bob (aka Ayleen's dad) joins us for She-Ra, A-Team figures, a new Target Qee, and much more!
6.15.10 - Special Delivery 30 : Outtakes

Need we say more?
6.9.10 - Episode 123 : What Up Clown?

Join us and Sarah Jo while we chat about the upcoming Vader Project, Black Gloss Shiitake, some viewer contributions, and much more!
6.3.10 - Episode 122 : Lucky Tiger

Daniel Goffin joins us for PecanPals, Bad Pete Boba Fett, more Masters of the Universe Classics, and much more!
5.26.10 - Episode 121 : Robits, Not Gobits!

We have Roger Chang with us this week for Buildman Destroyator, Space Wanderer, Cyberman, Animated Wicket, and more!
5.20.10 - Episode 120 : Sketastic!

Sket-One joins us on the couch for Muppet Vinylmation, Ghostbusters Logo Bank, and much more!
5.12.10 - Episode 119 : Da Dawg

This week Scott joins us for Evil-Lyn, Wun-Dar, Sad Dragon by Vise One, a trip to GI Joelanta, and much more!
5.6.10 - Episode 118 : Chunk A Toy

Join us for Mascots, Spiki, Tentapuss, and much more!
4.30.10 - Episode 117 : Still Sick!

Ayleen is still a bit sick, but we plow our way through some new Glyos figures, Playmakers from McFarlane, a LEGO set, and more!
4.20.10 - Special Delivery 29 : Anaheim Comic Con

A very brief look at Anaheim Comic Con last weekend.
4.16.10 - Episode 116 : That's What She Said!

We have a full couch and a live audience as we look at Blanx Alpha, Robo-Keliens, Infection, Vox Wall, and much more!
4.6.10 - Episode 115 : Eight Inches And Hairy!

This week Spanky joins us to look at TYO x EWOK 5mph Truck, Moss Man, Battle Cat, Bacteria, and much more!
3.30.10 - Episode 114 : Toy Break Hustle

Simeon Lipman joins us on the couch for Robot Girl, Playing Art, Color Blanks, and much more!
3.23.10 - Episode 113 : Resident Expert

Join us for a look at some new Bioshock 2 figures, KidMutant, The LEGO Book, and much more!
3.18.10 - Episode 112 : Space Pussy

This week we have Scott Tolleson as well as Iron Man, General Zoo, Weenicons, and much more!
3.10.10 - Episode 111 : Riding The Sticky Pig!

Join our full couch for Trap Jaw, Winter Nibbler, Where The Wild Things Are, Kozik Plush, and much more!
3.6.10 - Special Delivery 28 : Outtakes

2.26.10 - Episode 110 : I Love Momz!

Chris Ryniak joins us for Medusa, Mini God Speakers, DIY Squib Kid, Kamen Riders, 8" Qees and much more!
2.19.10 - Episode 109 : What's Wrong With Our Faces?

This week Sarah Jo from DKE Toys joins us on the couch as we look at the Biting Pear and Werewolf from Patch Together, Jellyface, Plush Pecan Pals, and much more!
2.14.10 - Episode 108 : So Many Toys!

Join us for Callamorr, Lucy Exposed, Pocket Zombies, and much more!
2.6.10 - Episode 107 : Paper Break

Tune in for Tummie Friends, Copperhead Squadt, a WoW figure, and much more!
1.28.10 - Episode 106 : Rubber Bands of Doom

Join us for Pheyaos, Ramirez, Dick Satisfaction, Fenton, and much more!
1.19.10 - Special Delivery 27 : Outtakes

It's that time again - time for outtakes!
1.14.10 - Episode 105 : Hats

We take a look at Doktor A's Mad*l, Disney Mickey Monsters, Bossy Bear's Pal Turtle, Idolz, and much more!
1.6.10 - Episode 104 : Steve

This week is a Patch Together week with Evil Kitty, Tentatiger, Foo Dog, Monica, and more!
12.29.09 - Episode 103 : Extra Long

Join us for a look at some of the awesome customs being created by the designer toy community like Zeeblings, Emo Kid, SN-KE, and much more!
12.15.09 - Special Delivery 26 : 2009 Gift Guide

Here are some of our top picks for any upcoming gift giving occasion!
12.9.09 - Episode 102 : Cheddar

We have a full couch with Scott, Ben, and Nathan as we take a look at Scareglow from Mattel, Snow Baby Treeson from Crazy Label, BUDs Series 3 from Jamungo and much more!
12.4.09 - Episode 101 : Benn

Join us for a Designer Con recap with Color Ink Book, Mini G-Robot, Jizzgrenade from KiLL!, and much more!
11.24.09 - Special Delivery 25 : Outtakes

We're exhausted from Designer Con, so here are some outtakes!
11.19.09 - Episode 100 : One Hundred!

Join us for our hundredth episode with My Little Ponies, Stay True, Fenton from Super 7, and much more!
11.14.09 - Episode 99 : Full Couch

This week we have a full couch and Big Rollin' Rascal by Scott Tolleson, Stitch from Mindstyle, Gooberry by Attaboy, and much more!
11.9.09 - Episode 98 : In Memory of Shel Dorf

Join us for Boris by Nathan Hamill, Baby Qees from Toy2R, customs from thegodbeast and much more!
10.27.09 - Episode 97 : It's Halloween?

Just in time for Halloween we have Plush Candy Corn by Dan Goodsell, Boiler Zomb by Ashley Wood, Debbie by Mezco and much more!
10.23.09 - Episode 96 : Orange On Orange

Join us for a look at Lil' Mort by COOP, Chibithulhu Plush by SJG, another Jason by Mezco and much more!
10.17.09 - Episode 95 : Exploding Candy!

Back to regular format with BPRD Buddies and Tiny Terrors from Mezco, Stay Puft from DST, and much more!
10.10.09 - Episode 94 : Benbacca

This week we look at a bunch of random Disney finds as well as pieces Ben brought back from Japan like Rebel Ink and Salvation Ink by Secretbase and Usugrow, a Kaws Bootleg, and more!
10.4.09 - Episode 93 : Episode 90...Continued

Join us for the continuation of episode 90 featuring several more mass market toys like Imaginext, Number Busters, Odd Pods from McFarlane, G.I. Joe Action Battler from Hasbro, and more!
9.26.09 - Episode 92 : Dragon Con 2009

We had a blast at Dragon Con 2009 catching up with Doktor A, Chris Ryniak, Brian Colin, Laura Kuenzli, and our friends from the forum!
9.19.09 - Episode 91 : House Call

Join us as we visit Doctor Kent and his amazing toy collection as well as review some vintage figures like X-Cop Ghost by Kenner, Centaurus by Palisades, 200x Teela by Mattel, and much more!
9.8.09 - Episode 90 : Brains!

We're getting back to regular episodes with Batman Action League figure from Mattel, Flick Trix from Spin Master, blind box fun, and much more!
9.1.09 - Special Delivery 24 : KiLL!

Check out our interview with resin toy artist KiLL! and brief look at his shop Kaiju-X3 in Phoenix, AZ!
8.28.09 - Special Delivery 23 : Outtakes

Please enjoy these outtakes as we get ready to visit Dragon Con!
8.21.09 - Episode 89 : SDCC 2009 Part 3

Join us for the third and final bag opening from San Diego Comic Con 2009!
8.12.09 - Episode 88 : SDCC 2009 Part 2

We have even more bags of toys from SDCC to open!
8.5.09 - Episode 87 : SDCC 2009 Part 1

We're back from SDCC with bags and bags of toys so join us for part one of the grand bag opening!
7.28.09 - Special Delivery 22 : Outtakes

We're recuperating from SDCC, so please enjoy these outtakes!
7.20.09 - Episode 86 : Uncle Ben

This week we look at Totem Dopplegangers by Anton Ginzburg, Dragon Scout by Amanda Visell, resin figures from Overkill Creations, lots of SDCC news, and much more!
7.16.09 - Episode 85 : Mothra Attack!

Join us for Kabuki and the new DIY Mallow from Shocker Toys, Urban Criminal Scapegoat by Jure Gavran, Neko by Delme, and much more!
7.9.09 - Episode 84 : Big Announcement

We have a supersized episode with Mark Ryden's YHWH, Urban Paper by Matt Hawkins, Ducksauce from The Sucklord and J-Roo of DynomightNYC, Chamberlain by NECA, molding the Neil Winn Project and more!
6.30.09 - Episode 83 : (Insert Witty Name Here)

Check out Topo de Maderan by DGPH, Terminator Toys from Playmates, Pay Day by Nate Van Dyke, On Location with Junko Mizuno, and much more!
6.24.09 - Episode 82 : Smell My Box

Join us while we check out Spencer Hibert's Miigii, Domo from Toy2R, Skullbox from Artdenka and much more!
6.17.09 - Episode 81 : Balls With A Capital B

This week we look at Alex Pardee's Walrus Rider, Mellowtron, Obie the Alien Space Cadet by John McCormack and much more!
6.9.09 - Episode 80 : Humanimal

Join us for a look at Sweeny Podd by Doktor A, Gentleman Ghost by Mattel, Silvermain by Daphne Lage, a peek at the Into The Darkness custom show, and much more!
6.2.09 - Episode 79 : Big Ol' Nub

Check out a new Jason action figure from Mezco, Zodac from Mattel, some Botcon coverage and more with special guests Slick McFavorite and Mrs. McFavorite from!
5.28.09 - Episode 78 : Reviews Reviews Reviews

Join us for a look at George and Gary Grenade by Michelle Viligura, Kiba the Tomorrow King by Ashley Wood, The Hook Living Dead Doll by Mezco, and much more!
5.18.09 - Episode 77 : Short and Sweet

Relax and join us for Argus 300 by Secret Cinnamon Squad, Ugly Doll action figures, Mickey Indiana Jones and much more!
5.12.09 - Episode 76 : Straight From The Forum

This week we have Office Cronies by nottaToy, Squadt Nozzle by Jamungo, another Mighty Mugg, special guest host Kyle Thye, and more!
5.6.09 - Episode 75 : Almost On Time

Join us for a look at Keliens by Kel Wilson, Ritz the Robot by Alexander Shen, Cheeky Meenkeys by Derek Miller, Pugzee by Dave Cortes, two contests, and much more!
4.29.09 - Episode 74 : Finally!

We take a look at some Star Wars loot from Disneyland including Wicket and Boba Fett bobbleheads from Funko, a dress up Leia figure, plush Wicket and Boba Fett, a delicious blindbox, and much more!
4.21.09 - Special Delivery 21 : Three Recent Shows

We visit Choking Hazard at Kaiju-X3 in Phoenix, a brief look Phoenix Comic Con, and a visit to the Transcenders show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles featuring work by Doktor A.
4.15.09 - Episode 73 : Better Late Than Never

Join us for a look at the Masters of the Universe Classics including He-Man, Beast Man, Skeletor, Faker, and Stratos from Mattel as well as Custom Corps from Onell Design, a visit to the Humans Beware custom show and more!
4.7.09 - Episode 72 : Kat...The Other White Meat!

This week we have Fresh Fruit from Anna Chambers, John McCain vinyl from John K., Star Wars Muppets, and much more!
3.30.09 - Episode 71 : Boba Fett, Where?

Join us for a look at Calavera by Ramos and Herrera, Wild Grinders by Rob Dyrdek, Star Wars Vinyl from Disney, a blindboxed custom, and much more!
3.23.09 - Episode 70 : Lucky Draw

This week we have Mechtorians by Doktor A, Star Wars Comic Packs by Hasbro, Bertie the Pipebomb by Ashley Wood, the kick off to the Neil Winn Project, and much more!
3.16.09 - Episode 69 : Resintastic

Join us for a resin-tastic episode including Robot Unicorn by Roy Wasson Valle, Mr. TeePee by uhoh Toyworks, Jouwe by Marine Ramdhani, guest host Neil Winn, and much more!
3.10.09 - Episode 68 : Fat Unicorn

We have a Stormtrooper from Sideshow, Hairy Bomb by Kozik, the Vintage Marshall by 64colors, Mutt by Tyler, a new segment, and much more!
3.4.09 - Episode 67 : We Watch The Watchmen

We're packed full of reviews this week with Koibito from Munky King, Futurama figures from Toynami, Watchmen Series 1 from DC Direct, blindbox, and more!
2.23.09 - Episode 66 : Steampunkery

Join us for a look at Ame-Comi Supergirl by DC Direct, Swear Bear from Big Shot Toy Works, Mad Scientist Blocks, customs, and much more!
2.17.09 - Episode 65 : Ghost

This week we have Horton from Super Rad, ILLAZILLA from TNES, Joker and Batman from Medicom, cool customs, and more!
2.8.09 - Episode 64 : Grey Broccoli

Join us for a look at Pooty by Touma, Revoltech Danboard Mini Box Figure by Kaiyodo, Skunk Fu Ninja Monkeys from Zizzle, some cool customs, and much more!
2.2.09 - Episode 63 : Comb Over

This week we have Muraida by Erick Scarecrow, Chaos Monkey, Yeti Guy and Robolucha from Patch Together, delicious blind box, a new segment, and more!
1.27.09 - Episode 62 : Matt Has A Big Gun!

Join us for Headphonies, Scapegoat Billy by Jure Gavran, Matt's favorite new prop replica, very special blind box from OsirisOrion, and more!
1.18.09 - Special Delivery 20 : More Outtakes

A few more outtakes we had to share!
1.13.09 - Episode 61 : Plushisode Part 2

We have more plush like SuperJuicyChicken from Q-You, Pistol Pedro by Michelle Valigura, Toofhairy from Spok-spok, Little 9 from Jon Schiller, plus much more!
1.5.09 - Episode 60 : Plushisode Part 1

This week we have a plushtastic episode full of small Mousey Miccis from Erick Scarecrow, Raul from Fuzzy Balls, gini-gini from Ru Sun, Canned Haminal from Crystal Chesney Thompson, Teddy Scares from Applehead Factory, lots of voicemails and more!
12.29.08 - Special Delivery 19 : Outtakes

Laugh your way into 2009 with some Toy Break outtakes!
12.23.08 - Special Delivery 18 : 2008 Wrap Up

It's been an amazing year thanks to all of you and we are looking forward to even more Toy Break fun in 2009!
12.15.08 - Episode 59 : Winter VTN Review!

Join us for a look at some of the great stuff from Winter Vinyl Toy Network 2008 including Doktor A's Stephen Le Podd, Killa Instinct from Marka27, Sikk At The Circus from Mr. Dandy, the goody bag, and more!
12.9.08 - Episode 58 : Holy Guacamole!

This week we have Kozik's silver Ludwig Van Beethoven bust, 12 inch Jason from Mezco, a Star Wars Chubby from Hot Toys, news, giggles, and more!
12.2.08 - Episode 57 : Yikes!

Join us for a look at Monster Burp from Crazy Label, The Magic Number by Pete Fowler, a little kaiju from Brian Flynn, and more!
11.24.08 - Episode 56 : Long!

Follow along for the 9" Warriors by Mezco, TMNT Mini Figures by Playmates, Big Bob Slug by Frank Kozik, coupon codes, news, and much more!
11.16.08 - Episode 55 : Two Year!

Celebrate our two year anniversary on our new set with Bleeplabs Thingamagoop, Mini Skullys by Urban Warfair, a new segment, some tasty beverages, and much more!
11.9.08 - Special Delivery 17 : 2008 Gift Guide

Tune in for some holiday gift ideas from your three favorite toy misfits!
11.3.08 - Episode 54 : Soft

This week we have Curster's Yetis, Castle Crashers figures, the Galactic Heroes Rancor Pit, On Location with Sucklord, new contests, and much more!
10.27.08 - Episode 53 : Huell Howser

Join us for Doolie Boxes from Anna Chambers, Daemos and Sectara from Sucklord, toy safety talk, all the usual fun, and more!
10.20.08 - Episode 52 : Fifty Two

Tune in for Mezco's Cinema of Fear Jason, Skeletrino from tokidoki, Steam Crow Art, blindboxes, tons of events, and hate!
10.14.08 - Episode 51 : Out and About

This week we have Beetlejuice and the Dread Pirate Roberts from NECA, On Location with TADO, a look at Baby Tattooville, and much more!

10.7.08 - Episode 50 : Does Not Smell Like Fun

We are smelling up the studio with Fizz 'n Find figures, Vinyl Aggression by Jakks, Spraycan Mugsy by East3, On Location at Red Hot Robot, bubbly blind box, and more!
9.29.08 - Special Delivery 16 : Outtakes

We have more outtakes for you!

9.23.08 - Episode 49 : Two Thirds

Join two thirds of us as we examine Heroes from Mezco, new Madls from Mad, dyeing toys with Rit dye, On Location with Gary Taxali, and more!
9.15.08 - Episode 48 : Cheers!

We have the Time Keepers from the Four Horsemen, Chef Duff Minimate, Sleestaks from Funko, news, Funkrush shirts, and much more!
9.8.08 - Episode 47 : Revenge of the Beards!

Join us for a look at Living Dead Dolls Squeak from Mezco, lots of Stikfa fun, news, and more!
9.1.08 - Episode 46 : Squeeze!

We get our review on with Gary Ham's Carrot Shake Jake, Hanuman from Kridana, Panda Evil Ape by MCA, Smash from Joe Ledbetter, Hunchy from Suspect Toys, our guest Adam from Phantom Creations, and much more!
8.26.08 - Episode 45 : Fast Food Crawl

Come along as we check out the current fast food toy offerings and hang out with our guest Ben Goretsky from!
8.19.08 - Episode 44 : The Boz

Kick back while we take a look at Alpha Ultimate by Michael Kwong, Unicornasaurus by Joe Ledbetter, ZOMBIE by October Toys, news, blindvelope, and more!
8.11.08 - Episode 43 : We Survived SDCC

We're back in the studio with Lobo from Mattel, Sandstorm Kissaki by Erick Scarecrow, TMNT sets by NECA, Geeky Ninja and Macho Micro Plush by Shawnimals, and so much more!
8.5.08 - Special Delivery 15 : SDCC 2008

Come along as we Toy Break our way through San Diego Comic Con 2008!
7.28.08 - Special Delivery 14 : Toy & Action Figure Museum

Join us on a tour of the Toy and Action Figure Museum in Paul's Valley, OK!
7.21.08 - Episode 42 : Life, the Universe, and Everything

This week we have the Saddest Devil by Toby D., MadL Phase 3, Tricycle Terror from Scott Tolleson, lots of SDCC news and more!
7.14.08 - Special Delivery 13 : Spring VTN (again)

We are off of our regular shooting schedule due to illness, but here is a little extra footage from the Spring Vinyl Toy Network!
7.7.08 - Special Delivery 12 : SDCC Prep

With San Diego Comic Con just around the corner, we have some great tips for enjoying and maximizing your con experience!
6.30.08 - Episode 41 : Disrespect of Cornboy

We've got DC Universe Classics from Mattel, Bunnny Rabbbit by Ron English, Scavengers by Kathy Olivas, two contests going, and much more!
6.23.08 - Special Delivery 11 : Toy Breakin' Across the US!

Toy Break presents George and Ayleen visiting Synthetic Compound, Rotofugi, and NOWhere Limited.
6.16.08 - Episode 40 : Horsey Men!

Get comfy while we spend some time with Domo from Dark Horse, Dookie Poo from Chaotic Unicorn, a special On Location with Devilrobots, a PSA from Matt, and much more!
6.9.08 - Episode 39 : Balls!

Join us for a look at Sket One's Buck Eye Rott, Zombie Pet Dunny by Patricio Oliver and Kidrobot, Soopa Coin-Up Bros from ESCToy, balls, and a new "toy break" segment!
6.2.08 - Episode 38 : Seriously Though

This week we have Pirates Cosbabies from Hot Toys, Plush Staches from Shawnimals, Lego Boba Fett Maquette from Gentle Giant, as well as news, events, and even a little hate!
5.26.08 - Episode 37 : In A Row?

In honor of the new Indiana Jones movie, we've got some new and old Indiana Jones toys as well as Mookie from Jon Schiller's Little 9 characters, news, shiny blind box opening, and more!
5.19.08 - Episode 36 : We're Back!

We're back with Erick Scarecrow's Old School Kaiju and Kissaki, fashionable headware from Jaaahws, news, recaps, and much more!
5.13.08 - Special Delivery 10 : New York Comic Con

George and Ayleen made the rounds at New York Comic Con 2008 and bring you some of the toy highlights.
4.28.08 - Special Delivery 9 : Outtakes

We're still on our way back from NYCC and preparing for VTN, so enjoy some ... um ... interesting outtakes!
4.21.08 - Episode 35 : Under $10!

We explore some amazing toys you can get for under $10!
4.14.08 - Episode 34 : Funerer!

Grab a seat while we take a look at Konjoined Kitty by Michael Shupback, Incredible MD from Kaching Brands, tons of NYCC exclusives coming up, events, and more!
4.8.08 - Episode 33 : Betterer!

Get comfy while we look at Putrid Pal from Crazy Label, Bumrush from Dynomight, news, blind box, and talk about the next live Toy Break!
3.31.08 - Episode 32 : Shut Up!

Join us for a look at Combat-R Zero by Atomic Mushroom, the Zombie Wolverine Bust by Diamond Select, a new contest, news, events, and more!
3.25.08 - Episode 31 : Flavors

This week we take a look at Night Gamer from Plaseebo, zPix 200 from Carson Optical, Gorilla Grodd from DC Direct, and more news, events, and toy tidbits!
3.17.08 - Episode 30 : Finger Holes

Join us for a look at FluffyYukYuk by OhNoDoom!, Lenore figures from Dark Horse, bunches of news, events, and more!
3.10.08 - Episode 29 : Paper Cuts

We explore the world of paper toys and the variety of artists and designs available for download.
3.3.08 - Episode 28 : Without Even Looking!

This week we check out the DIY Mate by Das-Mo, Dookie-Poo, Crayboths from Onell Design, On Location with Alex Hurter at a Dunny trading party, news, events, and more!
2.25.08 - Episode 27 : Toy Fair Wrap-Up

We take a look at news and announcements from Toy Fair 2008 that caught our eye!
2.18.08 - Episode 26 : Adult Toys

This week we have Ripple by Sket One, Crush from Neptoon Studios, Galaxy Bunch by Michael Kwong, Dalek Qees, news, events, and more!
2.12.08 - Episode 25 : George Hates Stuff!

Join us for a gander at Da Ape Junior by Tim Tsui, Mighty Muggs from Hasbro, Peecol from Kidrobot, news, events, and an actual toy break!
2.4.08 - Episode 24 : Mark

We've got Kick Ass Cuties by Lisa Petrucci, Vivisect Playset by StrangeCO, Cloverfield Monster toy news, On Location with Alex Hurter at Neptoon Studios, and more news, events, and blind box opening than you can shake a stick at!
1.29.08 - Special Delivery 8 : Vivisect Playset Release

Enjoy our amazing graphics and guest blind box openers!
1.21.08 - Episode 23 : Monkey Business

Join us for a look at the Silverback Gorilla by Dez Einswell, Invisible Mask BUD by Jamungo, Swashbucklers from Zizzle, Mini Mutants by Playmates, lots of upcoming toys, events, and even some hate!
1.14.08 - Episode 22 : Naked!

We've got Coot (by Wilfrid Wood), Jimbo (by Gary Panter), Luey (by Bob Dob), and Subcasts Ghost Rider as well as blind box fun, news, and the introduction of Toy Brief!
1.7.08 - Episode 21 : We're Legal!

Join us for a look at Dem1n by Figure Punk, Bizarregoylz by Monster Bucket Studios, the Phlebiac Bros. from McFarlane, and lots of news and blind box fun!
12.31.07 - Special Delivery 7 : SOTA Toys

A while back we visited SOTA Toys and here it is!
12.24.07 - Episode 20 : Hats Off To You!

We take a look at Doktor A's new Cloth Head Kaniza, Mouse Guard PVC figures, Craola's Upper Playground Walrus, Shultzo's Compatiballs, a couple of toy DVDs and the return of Matt's hate!
12.17.07 - Episode 19 : Thumbs Up!

Tons of new toys coming out in 2008, Bif Bang Pow's Big Lebowski Urban Achievers, Batman & Son action figures, Subcasts Iron Man, Star Wars Galactic Heroes Jabba's Palace, and so much more!
12.10.07 - Episode 18 : In The Bag!

We're back with tons of news, new magazine issues, one of NECA's new Castlevania figures, and a look inside the goody bag from the Vinyl Toy Network!
12.3.07 - Special Delivery 6 : Outtakes

It's short, but hopefully amusing.
11.26.07 - Episode 17 : Gift Guide '07

We bring you some of our top gift ideas ranging from vinyl and plush to action figures and meat!
11.19.07 - Episode 16 : One Year!

Join us as we take a look at art trucks from Grind King, Hell's Proprietor from Glenn Barr and Dark Horse, Panzy the Pirate, a new Dunny shelf, and so much more!
11.12.07 - Episode 15 : Ben's House

We chat about being an online vinyl retailer, Bart Qees, Boy Karma, MiniGods, Buff Monster Mini Figs, Harriet Carney, and more!
11.04.07 - Episode 14 : Weekly

This episode features Skull Series UniPo from UNKL, Sucklord 600 from Suckadelic, Mr. Eko from McFarlane, news, blind-box opening, and more!
10.30.07 - Episode 13 : Toy Trove

This episode is jam packed with our biggest contest yet, Funkeys, Huck Gee's Akuma Bomb, Medicom's Jack Sparrow mini bust, Marvel Zombie action figures, the MegaGwin Show, Toys Kill, new magazines, lots of upcoming toy releases, a little Matt hate and more!
10.16.07 - Special Delivery 5 : Toy Break at the Bart Qee Exhibit

We journeyed all the way to Meltdown Comics in Hollywood to bring you the custom Bart Qee Exhibit!
9.19.07 - Episode 12 : Ring Ring!

Join us for a look at more Marvel Zombies, MINDstyle's City Critters, Super Rad Toys Axis of Evil, Pheyden by Onell Design, and a visit with Rich Vanover and Ben Goretsky at Wheaty Wheat Studios!
8.23.07 - Episode 11 : Popsicle!

We examine new plush including Mousey Micci and Zoobie and we finally go through our crazy Comic-Con purchases including MindStyle's Landstrider and Brom's Stickmen, Sharky, Neth Creatures, and so much more!
8.5.07 - Special Delivery 4 : Toy Break meets SDCC 2007

Check out what happened when we gave Matt a microphone and surrounded him by toys, geeks, and people in costumes!
7.21.07 - Episode 10 : Happy Birthday Cornboy!

Our guests join us in chatting about more upcoming Comic-Con exclusives, the Urban Underground Project, Cabello, All Star Vinyl, lots more toys and twice the normal hate!
7.7.07 - Episode 9 : Hot Hot Heat!

Lots of San Diego Comic-Con news, some Qee reviews, Gwin Series 3 plus two awesome contests and more great toy stuff!
6.18.07 - Episode 8 : Trains and Toilets!

We've got Shiitakes Series 1 by Erick Scarecrow, Monster Theater by dKiller Panda, videos from the Kid Robot L.A. Sket One signing, Vinyl Elements, the Vader Project, and much more!
6.1.07 - Special Delivery 3 : A short visit to the Marsh Mellow release / Christopher Lee signing along with a teaser for the next Toy Break contest!

Get ready and stay tuned for the next episode cause it's awesome!
5.15.07 - Episode 7 : New!

Enjoy our new set as well as a recap of the Spring Vinyl Toy Network show, Patrick Morgan's Whale Boy, handmade plush dragons by Anna P. of AngelDevil, a bunch of other new toys, a new contest and much more!
4.16.07 - Episode 6 : Return of the Toy Break!

Check out Ragnar's Maltese Chimp, Tara McPherson's Ace and Ion, new Kidrobot pieces, Matt's Doodle Pirate, and our continued feature on how to make toys.
3.18.07 - Episode 5 : Slice!

Join us as we discuss new magazine issues, Vimobots, Frank Cho's Monkey Boy, Gentle Giant's Rancor, and visit the Four Horsemen at their studio. Oh and a Matt rant, too!
3.13.07 - Special Delivery 2 : Toy Fair & NYCC '07!

Bringing you highlights from two major industry events!
2.12.07 - Episode 4 : Stuff

Packed full with a recap of Plush Week 2 at Gallery 1988, artist interview with Queenie from, Gimp Bunny, CI Boys, tokidoki's Moofia, Danger Mouse, and a famous Matt rant as well as more toy news and fun!
1.16.07 - Episode 3 : Technical Difficulties!

Join us for a recap of the Vinyl Toys Network, our first part of How to Make Toys (Tools & Materials), a new contest, Shikito, Necronomiconey, Tiny Heartheads, Flowbots Series 1, Spawn Series 30, and much more!
12.11.06 - Special Delivery 1 : Gift Guide '06!

Join us for toy and gift ideas this holiday season!
12.9.06 - Episode 2 : Matt joins the fun!

For episode 2, Matt joins in on the fun for a little recap of the Circus Punks "Out of Vogue" show, a new contest for a copy of Dot Dot Dash, Koziks Sho-Po Plops, Baby Treeson, Willy Wonka vs Willy Wonka and lots more toy news and reviews!
11.17.06 - Episode 1 : Welcome to Toy Break!

Our premiere episode features the new Dot Dot Dash book, TADO Love Dunny, SketBots, an interview with Eric Treadaway and much more!

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